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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The World Baseball Classic

Baseball. America's Pastime. The World Baseball Classic. It is taking place right now. Never heard of it? Then you are like most people in the United States. The inaugral WBC was in 2006. It was a tournament where the top baseball players in the world competed, but not for their American teams, but for national pride. Which country has the best baseball players in the world?

I'm not a huge pro-American guy. I don't have any shirts that contain the American Flag. However, I was dissapointed with our showing in the first classic. It wasn't that the United States lost, but who beat us. In 2006 the American team lost games to Mexico and Canada*. It is one thing to lose to Japan, Venezuela, or the Dominican Republic. These countries play baseball. Canada and Mexico? This is the baseball classic, not hockey or soccer.

I know nobody here really cares about the World Baseball Classic, but I'm rooting for the U.S.

*The U.S. did beat Canada in the first game yesterday. I will admit Canada had a very impressive line-up featuring top major league hitters.
**I went to the semi-finals of the WBC in '06 in San Diego.
***You can find more information on the argument against the WBC here.

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