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Monday, March 30, 2009

Post-Surgery: Day 3

Basically, I found as long as I stay drugged up enough I feel okay.

In addition to the Vicodin I've been taking a variety of medicines. I have a cold and allergies that are adding to my symptoms. When it has been more than 6 hours since my last Vicodin I can tell.

I learned from my mom that pressing a pillow against the lacerations in my stomach while coughing will mitigate the pain. That seems to be helping. I still haven't figured out a pain-free way to blow my nose.

When I'm not in the act of sitting up or coughing I don't hurt much. Today the pain from coughing was the worse part. I think I'm progressing fine. I feel a little ill, but everything is tolerable.

My sub called me this afternoon. He had a very good day with my kids. I finished up the last few pages of Water for Elephants. I watched the Sharks win tonight on the road.

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