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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One type of kid

I got into an argument with a coworker at lunch today. We both had valid points, but I was a little disturbed by his lack of compassion.

He had a student blow up at him in a verbal episode two weeks ago. Her actions were inappropriate, and she was suspended for the incident.

She is a foster child.

My position was simply that we need to recognize that kids coming from that situation may have some psychological issues. His position was that that isn't his problem. I said if they are in our classes then it is our problem. He retorted that by saying, "then those kids should not be in my class."

He then added that dealing with these kids is one of my attributes, and that is not an attribute that he has (nor desires to have).

After the discussion our positions didn't change.

The aforementioned girl happens to like math, therefore may already have some biases that are in my favor. With that said she is a good kid in my class, and I hope I can encourage her and help her become a more well-adjusted person in all aspects of her life.

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