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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chat with Kristina

My 9-year-old niece, Kristi, just contacted me via g-chat. Yes, she's only nine. The rest of the details will be in the chat itself:

Kristina: Hi Kevin! I caught you on the computer!!!!!You can send back to me whenever you get this message.
me: Hi Kristi
how are you?
Kristina: Good. This is the first chat I've ever done in my life!
me: oh, congrats.
I'm glad I could be a part of it if you've never done this before, how did you know you could?
Kristina: Have you been visiting my blog (used to be my dad's)Are you still on the computer?!?!?!
me: no, I haven't checked out the bloglately
what is the url?
Kristina: When did you get on the computer? Is this your first chat too?
me: no, I've done this many times
how did you know you could do this?
Kristina: Yes but when did you get on the computer?
me: i've been on about 20 minutes I think
Kristina: I just got on the computer like when we started this chat because I was hoping my friend would have emaied me back. We just traded emails today.
me: yeah, I'm on gmail pretty often
you can look for me
I'm not on mondays and tuesday anymore cause I started going to school after work but other days I'm on
Kristina: Then how come you haven't emailed me in forever? Is your chat box small with a blue bar at the top that says Kristina Burrill with a green dot next to it? Please answer both questions in one reply.
me: I don't know why I haven't e-mailed you in a while. I didn't know we had anything we needed to e-mail about.
And yes.
Sent at 5:50 PM on Thursday
Kristina: We don't need to email! We just want to email! I was absent from school yesterday because I had pink eye. Kind of a bad case too!
me: did you go today?
Kristina: Yes.
me: I think you can go once you get on the drugs
you took the medicine?
Kristina: Yes. It's this horrible ointment that you actally have to put on your eyeball Sent at 5:53 PM on Thursday
me: oh
I would be good at that though, because I wear contacts every day
Kristina: I absolutely hate it!! And just cause it says Kristina is typing, doesn't mean you have to wait till i'm done typing for you to type because i'm a slow typer
me: haha
you'll get faster
have you taken any typing classes? Sent at 5:55 PM on Thursday
Kristina: No. We used to have to practise typing during computer class, but now we have choices.
I spelled practice wrong.
me: that's okay
do you type properly? Sent at 5:57 PM on Thursday
Kristina: No. But I can type really fast if I know what I want to type and it's not layed out in front of me. I still look at my fingers but that doesn't mean I'm slow
Laid, not layed
Hey anybody out there! Hello you have to type dude!!!!

me: (doing two things at once)and don't call me dude
Kristina: Okay. You can reply faster than you are, though.

me: I'm expert at touching my own eyes
and also at taking pills
Kristina: Wierd!!!!!! Isn't it wierd that when you're having a conversation that one thing can lead to another?
me: yeah, that totally happens
so do you have any other friends on-line right now on the list or just me? Sent at 6:03 PM on Thursday
Kristina: No. My only friend is that one I told you about. I have other friends but she's the only one I have on email. Everyone else is family. Plus even if my friend was online, I wouldn't be able to chat with her because she's not on gmail. She's comcast or something like that me: yeah, this is just gmail people
me: I have like 40 friends with gmail Sent at 6:07 PM on Thursday
Kristina: That's cause you're a grown-up and I'm a kid. I'm 9! I have way less friends total than you have on gmail! Maybe not way less, but probably 10-40 friends. It would take me too long to count them all me: yeah
Kristina: which probably means 10=40
me: I've lived a little longher than you
and probably lots of your friends don't even have e-mail
what is the url of your blog
I will check it out
Kristina: 10 does not=40! longher? What's a url?
me: a url is another way to say web address
what is the website?
Kristina: than why isn't it wa?
me: http://www.ibuildcabinet.blogspot.com/ or what is it?
URL stands for something; I don't remeber what
your mom probably knows Sent at 6:12 PM on Thursday
Kristina: No. My mom's not here. And it's http://www.itaintallaboutthecabinets.blogspot.com/

But you were close
me: okay, I'm going to go make some dinner now
I'll check out your blog later
it was good chattin' with you

Kristina: Bye
me: bye bye


  1. I have to say, I love that conversation. Just can't wait until my boys are emailing me at work from the school computers when they are supposed to be taking an online test or something like that! Nice blog too, you should check out my 7th grade guidance blog - www.southeastbailey.blogspot.com - everyone should have to read and listen in to that once in awhile...

    Still following the Kevin blogs from STL,

  2. Guess I should get my kids up to speed...