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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cashing Out

So my gambling site has always been good to me. They've offered some great promos that gave me some money for nothing. Now, when it comes to cashing out they told me it would cost me $45 for a check, and $20 to put my money on a visa card thing. I think it is ridiculous they are going to charge me $20 or more to get $200. I talked to 2 representatives via chat and one on the phone to express my frustration. I even told one guy that I would be cashing out part of my money for free and continuing to gamble on the site or cashing out all of it and looking for a new site. He told me I needed to pay the fee. Here is my final conversation to get my pin to complete the withdrawal:

gutshot7: can I have my pin e-mailed to me
Anne: Welcome to Customer Service. How may I help you today?
gutshot7: oops
gutshot7: I jumped the gun I guess
gutshot7: can I have my pin e-mailed to me
Anne: I can give it to you right here
gutshot7: ok
gutshot7: great
Anne: May I ask for your security question, What is your mother's maiden name?
gutshot7: Petrov
Anne: thank you, PIN: 1262293
gutshot7: can you give me $20
gutshot7: cause I'm leaving the site angry
(short pause)
gutshot7: ok
gutshot7: nobody else cared either
gutshot7: have a good night
Anne: I'm sorry but we can't do that
Anne: Thank you for chatting. If you have other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Customer Support is available 24/7. Good Luck!

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