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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grocery Store

The grocery store was crowded, but the lines to check out were short. The first one I looked at just had one person, and the next line was empty. I pulled up my cart and recieved a friendly greeting from the cashier. After a moment I returned the courtesy, "how are you doing today?" I then asked her when her shift started and she replied, "just now." After scanning my last item she asked me if I wouldn't mind handing her a couple items that had been placed at the end of the aisle. (It saved her the trip around the counter to get them.) Then she said, "I'll even give you a $10 off coupon for helping me." She added, "I can't make you work. I'll give you the coupon anyway just for being my first customer of the day." As I handed her the two small items I briefly wondered how I might redeem my coupon. Almost as fast as I had the thought I watched her scan it in right there off my groceries. She just took $10 off. I'm not sure why she did that for me, but I think it was a wonderful gesture. I guess it pays to be friendly and courteous. Today it paid me $10. I feel like I just won the lottery.

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