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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Several people recently have asked me what AVID is. Avid is currently in 4,500 schools in 45 states and multiple countries, yet people are still not familiar with the program. Every year it grows in popularity and the success is evident.

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. The idea is that if a student has individual determination we can teach them the rest of the skills they need to be successful in high school and college.

It targets students that are in the academic middle, particularly those that may lack support from home, or come from traditionally under-served populations. It has given me the opportunity get involved in the lives of these kids beyond what I can do in my math class.

To learn more about avid you can visit their website, avid.org.

Click here to see the Cold Hard Truths With Mr. B. The ones in blue I have already taught and the ones in black are ideas I am contemplating. I have a powerpoint I made with subpoints I could send via e-mail if either of you reading this are curious to see that.

A few years ago I wrote down my goals for my students. That was when I was only teaching math. It is more interesting now that I am teaching AVID as well.

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