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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The flying saucers

Va et Vient de Arrastre. In English that translates to Va et Vient Surface Lift.

In addition to the chair lifts there was another way to get up the mountain when know skiing in Chile. The had the "andarivel de arrastre" which was a small cirular disc on a pole that you shoved between your legs and it pulled you up the mountain. Slowly. And it wasn't that comfortable.

Then we discovered the va et vient de arrastre. This was four circle discs on poles and it pulled you up the mountain together. Quickly.

It was insane. Still uncomfortable, but really fast. It was pretty much like skiing up the mountain. It felt similar to a rollercoaster, but nothing there to ensure you stayed on the ride. Then at the top you were suppossed to calmly dismount in order, but it took us a while to figure that out. After several falls, including one where I sent Sarah tumbling down the mountain (it was incidental, but I still feel bad; sorry Sarah), I finally figured it out.

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