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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Easy Exchange

The other day I bought a Brita filter from Target along with several other purchases. I went ahead and opened a credit card to get my 10% off, and immediately went to customer service to pay off the blance of the card. When I got home I realized the lid on the filter was cracked so I went back later to replace it.

It was a little bit of an ordeal. The purchase came with a $5 gift card. She was able to get me a new gift card, but couldn't was wanting me to pay the 10% difference. I explained I was simply exchanging the same item for the exact same, there should not be a cost. She kept working on it and finally it came out to me getting the exchange and 59 cents.

Close enough.

I decided to buy another filter for work. I don't know why, but I again didn't check in the box to see if the lid was cracked. After a couple weeks of sitting in the box I finally decided to get it working today. I was disappointed to see another cracked lid (I wonder if they had just put mine back on the shelf and I bought it again).

This time I decided to avoid the hassle. I went in to target carrying the cracked lid. Found a new one and switched the lids. I walked out carrying the new lid.

End of transaction.

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