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Friday, July 31, 2009

Just Happy to be Alive

So the last two weeks I've been working at Sac State. I found the Togo's employees just a little too happy to be working at Togo's. I greeted with a cheerful smile and friendly words. She joked with me as if we were old friends. As I left said something like, "have a great day" with such enthusiasm I believed that she meant it. Then I was met by another jovial fellow at the register. A couple days later I had a different woman that was almost equally as friendly. She was similar to the last one just minus 30 pounds and 2 cups of coffee. I ordered soup and salad and as she finished the order I asked for crackers.
As she put the crackers on my tray asked, "Is two good?"
"Just like you."

The pun was on the homophone "two." I left smiling, happy, and wondering what they are putting in the water at the Togo's at Sac State. I was so happy that I wasn't even disgruntled after paying 30 cents for a cup of water. (I also got charged tax for not ordering my food "to go," but that's a topic for another day.)

I told this story to my friend. She asked for clarification if the "just like you" might have referred to me also being a cracker.

Too good.

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