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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Round Table

When Gio asked the lady on the phone for a side of pineapples she was not the least bit amused by Gio. So his next line was something like this, “Oh, I was just making a joke ma’am. I can see you did not think that was funny. I apologize.” Then we asked for delivery and she told us it would be an hour and half. So we went and picked it up. When we got there the girl behind the counter was very happy and friendly. We asked her if she also answers the phone there. She said sometimes, but doesn’t remember taking an order for a double pepperoni. I responded, “You’d remember.” Gio told her that he was obnoxious on the phone and wanted to make sure our food wasn’t tampered with. She laughed and assured us everything was proper.

We bought a can of pineapples from the grocery store.

(Ask me sometime about the time Gio got a call for his son to play in the youth basketball league.)

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