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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Extra Credit

I don't offer a lot of extra credit in my class. However, toward the end of the year I want to give the kids a chance one last chance to boost their grades. However, I wanted it to be something that was meaningful. So I created a vocational interview assignment. The directions are below:

                                      Interview Extra Credit Essay Assignment

Students are to choose an occupation that they find interesting, and believe would be a desired option for them in the future. They will describe the occupation, their reason for choosing it, and interview someone in that vocation. Papers will be typed, 12pt font, double-spaced, 8 paragraphs, between 600-900 words. Each paragraph must be 5-13 sentences. Students may interview an adult family member, but may not interview someone living in the same household. Students should meet each of the following deadlines:

Sign up for the interview by 5/13/14
Interview must be conducted by 5/19/14
Final Draft by 5/30/14 (100pts)

Conduct an interview with someone in that vocation. Write about what you learned from the interview. You may include, but are not limited to the following questions: What do they do? How did they get into that profession? What training did it require? What does a typical day look like? Is it something they wanted to do since they were in middle school or did they get into the field later? Are they happy with the job, or is it just to pay the bills? What are the best parts about it? What are the worst parts of the job? Plan to spend 10-20 minutes interviewing that person and take notes or record the interview. Ask enough questions that you will be able to write enough for each paragraph. Also, be sure to get their e-mail address so you can contact them if you have any follow-up questions.

Intro Paragraph (1 paragraph)
Begin with a hook. Introduce the career you chose and/or the person you interviewed. Offer enough information here to make the reader interested in reading the rest of your paper. (It was be appropriate but not required to include why you chose this profession)

Paragraph 2: Introduce the person you interviewed and discuss their profession

Paragraph 3: What does a typical day on the job look like?

Paragraph 4: According to the person you interviewed what are the perks or advantages of this job? Money? Hours? Vacations? Coworkers? Fun? Rewarding?

Paragraph 5: What training does the job require? Is a college degree necessary (If yes, what type of degree?) Is a training program required? How long is the training? How did he/she end up in that field? Had they always wanted to be doing it? When he/she was in middle school were they considering it?

Paragraph 6:  How much math does that person use in their profession? How important is math to them? How do they use math in their everyday life? What advice do they have for a middle school student to be successful in the future?
Paragraph 7: Write an interesting story you learned from the interview? Could be best day on the job? Funny story that happened? Worst day? Scariest moment? Success story?

Paragraph 8 Conclusion:
Wrap up the essay. What are your conclusions about this career? Because of the interview or you more or less inclined to purse this career as an adult? Why?

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