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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dream about Grandpa

So a few nights I had a dream about my grandfather. My grandparents are still alive, but it has been several years since they were in good enough condition to travel out to California. In the dream I had a brilliant idea that we should have had Grandma and Grandpa write a message and sign the back of the recliner in my parents' family room in permanent marker. This way we could have a visible lasting memory of them.

Then I realized my thoughts occurred in the dream. I had the following revelation: Why did I have to such a great idea in a dream? How come I couldn't have thought of this years ago while I was awake? Why does this happen?

Then I actually woke up and replayed the dream in my head. I realized my revelation about my thoughts being in the dream was also in the dream. The stupidity of the chair signing idea promptly entered my mind.

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